November 10, 2010

Meanings Of Popular Flowers

Called floriography or the language of flowers, certain flowers have had particular symbolic meanings since medieval times but the use of such a language only became popular from the Victorian era onwards. Used as a means of communication to express feelings which could not be spoken floriography is used by almost anyone who sends flowers whether they know about it or not - you don't have to be familiar with the historic language to know that red roses represent passionate love and are not really suitable for your Mother on Mother’s Day.

For those interested in the meanings of flowers here is a list of some of the more popular flowers and their meanings:

The name comes from the Baron Klas Van Alstoemer who discovered this hardy flower in 1753. Alstroemeria flowers represent a strong bond of friendship with another.

These popular flowers symbolize splendid beauty and pride. Send amaryllis flowers to a beautiful woman.
Also known as windflower they belong to the buttercup family of flowers. These paper-like flowers represent expectations and anticipation. Wish someone good luck with a bouquet of same day flowers containing theses.

These tropical flowers symbolise hospitality. Present a bouquet of anthurium flowers to a attentive and hospitable host.

One of many flowers that symbolise love as well as daintiness. Give these daisy-like blooms to the one that you consider charming and beautiful.

Bird of Paradise
These represent joy and happiness. Order a bouquet of these tropical flowers to celebrate a joyful occasion.

Originating from Central America these flowers were named by the French Doctor Charles Bouvard. They symbolise enthusiasm so make a great choice to reward any enthusiastic individual for his/her efforts.

These are one of the oldest cultivated flowers of all. Different coloured blooms have different meanings. Sending pink carnations says "I'll never forget you"; white means innocence, "sweet and lovely", pure love & good luck; purple: capriciousness or whimsical; Red Carnations say: "My Heart Aches For You"; whereas yellow says "You Have Disappointed Me". Make sure you don't get those last two mixed up!

Another very old flower and like the carnation, different colours have different meanings. White symbolises truths; yellow - slighted love; red says "I love you too". Other colours of chrysanthemum say "You're a Wonderful Friend".

The daffodil has many meanings including: respect, regard, unrequited love, "you are the only one", "the sun is always shining when I'm with you". These make good flowers for men who you admire.

The name originates from the Greek for dolphin. The flowers represent Delphinium flight of fancy or ardent attachment.

These represent trust, innocence and thoughtfulness. They make the perfect choice of flower to congratulate parents of a newborn baby.

Names after the Latin for sword this flower represents strength of character, sincerity and generosity. Send gladiolus to one that has any of these qualities.

Heather usually comes in one of two colours and so has two meanings. White symbolises protection and "wishes will come true"; lavender - admiration or solitude.

Originating from Turkey hyacinths have many different meanings depending on their colour. White say "I shall pray for you" and also represents loveliness; blue symbolises constancy; yellow - jealousy; Purple hyacinths say "I am sorry" and "please forgive me" and Red represent play.

This flower first came to the UK 1788. Hydrangeas are great for saying thank you and sorry at the same time they also symbolise frigidity, heartlessness.

These flowers have gained many meanings over time including faith; wisdom; valor; promise; hope and message but today they are usually sent to say "my compliments".

A flower from the buttercup family larkspur has two different meanings depending on its colour. Blue - haughtiness and pink means fickleness.

Different colours have different meanings. The blue lilac represents youthful innocence; the purple lily represents the first emotion of love and the white lilac symbolizes humility and innocence.

The lily symbolises purity and refined beauty. Different colours also have their particular meanings. White - modesty and virginity; yellow -  gaiety; Lily of the valley says sweetness and purity of heart; orange lily symbolizes passion; the Easter lily represents the Virgin Mary. and the Tiger lily symbolises wealth and pride.

This magnificent flower is a symbol of exotic beauty and will leave a long lasting impression. Orchids also represent love; refinement; beautiful lady.

Peony symbolizes a happy life, good health, happy marriage and prosperity and so make excellent flower for your wife on your wedding anniversary.

Protea, King
Perhaps the oldest flower of them all they symbolise change, transformation and courage. Give to someone who has gone through a stressful change in their life like moving house.

Queen Anne’s Lace
The name originates from the wife of King James. Se was challenged to create lace as beautiful as the flower. The flower signifies complexity, delicateness and haven.

Roses represent love in many different forms depending on colour and quantity. Red says "I love you"; white symbolises eternal love, silence or innocence, wistfulness, purity, secrecy, reverence and humility; orange - passion and desire; yellow - friendship. 12 roses signify "The ultimate declaration of love" and 50 roses mean "Unconditional love". There are many more meanings - too many to list here.

The snapdragon represents strength and graciousness but also deception and presumption.

Commonly used in dried flower arrangements saltice say "I miss you" and also symbolises sympathy, success and remembrance. If you miss someone and want to say it with flowers sent them a bouquet containing saltice.

These flowers represent lasting beauty, happy life and promptness. It also says "You will always be beautiful to me".

These beautiful flowers signify adoration, pride, sunshine and pure thoughts. Great flowers for the one you love.

Originating in Persia tulips are the flower emblem of Holland. Red tulips are a "declaration of love". Yellow tulips signify "hopeless love".